The primary prerequisite for the processing of hardware parts is the accuracy of its process benchmarks. The benchmarks on mechanical drawings are all represented by capital letters A, B, C, D, etc. with a specific circled reference symbol. When the reference symbol is aligned with the surface and the extension line of the surface or the size limit of the surface, it means that the surface is the reference.

When the reference symbol is aligned with the dimension line, it means that the entity center line of the dimension is used as the reference. The precision of the craftsmanship mentioned above is a more general term.

In fact, to put it simply, the benchmark for hardware parts processing technology is the benchmark used in manufacturing parts. Let’s talk about the relevant benchmark criteria used when manufacturing parts.

1>The positioning datum refers to the datum used for positioning the workpiece in the machine tool or fixture during processing.

2>Measurement benchmark refers to the standard used for the size and position of the measured surface during part inspection.

3>Assembly datum refers to the accuracy used to determine the position of a part in a component or product during assembly.

The process benchmark of mechanical parts is a prerequisite to ensure the production of high-quality parts.