Sheet metal is a comprehensive cold processing technology for sheet metal. It is widely used in the R&D and manufacturing of mechanical equipment, involving many products, including self-service terminals, cabinets, chassis, computer rooms, power distribution cabinets, CNC machine tools, etc.

In the design of sheet metal products, designers need to have an in-depth understanding of the material of the product and its applicable processing technology. In the process of design, it is necessary to consider the production and manufacturing of the product in the later stage. In the design, color expression, and material selection , Human-machine interface and other aspects are comprehensively considered, and on the basis of realizing the structure and function of the equipment, it incorporates its own creative and flexible design to make the product simple and beautiful, easy to use and comfortable.

For the design of sheet metal products, whether the designer can skillfully use the sheet metal process in the design is directly related to the difficulty of product manufacturing and even the success or failure. The sheet metal process is a complex process involving many aspects, including sheet metal construction methods, sheet metal punching and notch design, grooves and punching, modeling printing, molds and punching, bending, etc.

Whether the sheet metal material can be used scientifically and reasonably in the production of products, the proficiency of the sheet metal process plays a great role. The higher the sheet metal process proficiency, the easier it is to realize the production of products.

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