What are the factors that affect the quality of customized sheet metal processing cabinets? When sheet metal processing chassis cabinets, we all know that current customers have high requirements for chassis cabinets, and they also have strict requirements on appearance. In fact, the appearance is not only related to aesthetics, but also directly reflects the quality of the product. It also has a great effect on future use.

It is self-evident that the appearance of the chassis and cabinet is important. In order to prevent the appearance from affecting the quality of the product, you must be careful during production. When there is a problem with the appearance, you must promptly remedy it, or even eliminate it. Attention should be paid to the sheet metal processing chassis cabinet:

  • 1. The coating on the surface of the cabinet must be uniform, without sagging or bottoming.
  • 2. The logo must be complete, clear, durable and reliable, and the serial number must not be missing.
  • 3. Each panel of the chassis cabinet must be flat, without distortion or deformation, and the openings on the cabinet door must be even and neat.
  • 4. The size must meet the requirements, and the error must not be too large.

There are different factors in the quality of the chassis and cabinets. Due to the different processes of the manufacturers and the different material selections, the quality of the chassis and cabinets is also different because of the different needs of the market. Because of the needs of different levels, the chassis and cabinets also reflect different types. , But no matter how bad it is, there is a reason.

The quality of sheet metal processing cabinets is different. Products of that level exist in the market. Usually, when technicians choose materials, they are not necessarily fancy price. It is only part of the reason, not all. For technicians, What they value more is whether the material itself meets the standard, for the production of the cabinet.

Generally, steel materials are used. This material may also rust due to special reasons. When there are many materials to be purchased, it may not be possible to check them one by one. There may be some defective raw materials in these production materials.

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