• 1. There is foreign matter on the surface or inside of the steel plate;
  • 2. The foreign body is peeling off, and the coil is in the same state as a scar; the coil is bad
  • 3. The corners of the coil are damaged;
  • 4. The corners (20~30mm) are deformed or wrinkled due to uneven stress;
  • 5. Scratches (caused by roller surface or foreign substances);
  • 6. Caused by roller sliding;
  • 7. Irregular damage to the edges;
  • 8. After the foreign body enters, press out the bulge on the back of the roll material (the foreign body disappears when it falls);
  • 9. Roller traces (caused by foreign matter attached to the roller);
  • 10. Poor materials beyond the rules;

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