UK design: Pulsiv raises £620k and adds senior staff

Darrel Kingham has become CEO having left Aixtron as general manager. He was formerly with Arm.

The man behind Pulsiv’s technology, Dr Zaki Ahmed (pictured), has moved from his post at the University of Plymouth to be full-time chief strategy officer .

Tim Moore, executive v-p of Shark Robotics, will become a Pulsiv non-executive director in June.

The company has intellectual property related to:

  • 65 – 250W ac-dc power supplies
  • Power factor correction in <65W ac-dc power supplies
  • Optimising power extraction from solar panels under varying illumination
  • “A microcontroller design that will allow consumer products to adapt power consumption based on supply condition”, is said.

Little is being revealed beyond this. 

“It is currently developing a solar microinverter in collaboration with Bosch,” according to a company spokesman.

The power factor correcting front-end replaces the traditional post-rectification reservoir capacitor in a power supply with an undisclosed arrangement of two switches and other passive components. “Using this basic concept, switch one and switch two and the FET or GaN switches used in common fly-back/LLC power supply designs are carefully managed by Pulsiv’s microcontroller solution,” according to the spokesman. “Storing energy on the high-voltage side allows us to reduce the size of many magnetic components, while the storage capacitor can be much smaller.” 

Pulsiv is based at the Plymouth Science Park.