The violent political storm set off by unrest in the U.S. Congress continues in Washington.

According to CCTV news reports, just now, the US social networking site Twitter issued a statement saying that it will permanently suspend the personal account of US President Trump.

Trump’s Twitter account is banned, Twitter shares plummet after hours

“Following a careful review of recent tweets from Trump’s account and related issues, particularly how they are being interpreted on Twitter and elsewhere, we have permanently suspended our concerns about the increased risk of incitement to violence,” the statement said. used this account.”

Trump’s Twitter account is banned, Twitter shares plummet after hours

Twitter further stated that when Twitter announced the freezing of Trump’s account for 12 hours on January 6, it made it clear that if Trump’s account continued to violate platform policies, the account would be permanently suspended.

In its statement, Twitter cited Trump’s January 8 tweets as examples, arguing that his statement would have different effects on different groups of people, including incitement to violence, and detailed the basis for its determination.

Trump has more than 80 million followers on Twitter. Affected by the news, Twitter stock fell after the market, down 2.45% as of press time.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms have also said they will freeze Trump’s account until Biden is inaugurated.

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