Some investors asked Tianshan Aluminum (002532). Hello, Secretary of the Board of Directors. I would like to ask a few questions: 1. Currently, new energy vehicles are developing vigorously and are gradually moving towards lightweight development. Can your company’s products be used in new In terms of energy vehicles, 2. What is the company’s market share of high-purity aluminum, and what are its application directions? 3. Can you tell me about the company’s future development plan? Thank you.

The company replied, Dear investors: 1. The company mainly produces A00 standard aluminum ingots. The products are widely used in various industries of the national economy. They are widely used in traditional fields such as construction, transportation, electricity, packaging, and home appliances. With the ever-increasing requirements for green energy, environmental protection and emission reduction, aluminum is increasingly used in emerging industries such as rail transit, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power plants, and wind power equipment to reduce its own weight and save energy consumption, making aluminum a new product. The fastest growing metal in the energy sector; 2. Tianzhan New Materials, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, mainly produces 4N6 high-purity aluminum. The products are used in high-tech fields such as the electronics industry and aerospace to manufacture electronic products and electronic components. , High and low voltage electrolytic capacitors, high-performance wires, sapphire raw materials, plasma sails, bonding wires for integrated circuits, etc.; 3. The company’s mid- and long-term development strategy will focus on new opportunities and highlights in the future development of the aluminum industry, and actively seek high-quality products at home and abroad Resources and project opportunities, relying on the existing technical talents and management advantages, further optimize the layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, not limited to obtaining good development opportunities through new construction, mergers and acquisitions, integration, etc., to scale up, and improve the technical level and market Occupancy rate, meet the ever-increasing market demand, and create greater economic benefits. Thank you for your attention.