The manufacturers announce the price of the handheld laser welding machine

Welding is an important part of metal processing, and welders have to be verified. In recent years, the handheld laser welding machines has gradually replaced the traditional argon arc welding. Workers do not need certificate to operate handheld laser welding machines, and ordinary workers can be employed after learning. Also, the welding is firm and exquisite. How much is the handheld laser welding machine?


Generally, there are different configurations for buyers to choose from handheld laser welding machine manufacturers, and the prices of different configurations are also different. Therefore, the price of handheld laser welding machine is decided according to the chosen configuration, and the price is from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.


What are the differences in configuration? For example, the same handheld laser welding machine, some adopt domestic lasers, others adopt imported lasers, and some are 500w, others are 1500w, also, some are air-cooled, others are water-cooled. Hence, the configuration is different, the price of the handheld laser welding machine is also different.


In addition, the price of handheld laser welding machines is also related to the manufacturer's brand. Large and small laser welding machine manufacturers are located all over the country, but the quality is uneven. The price of laser welding machines may cheaper than that of brand laser handheld machines, as there is no after-sales service and quality guarantee. However, the price of laser welding machines with good brands is higher, as the quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed by the manufacturers and the after-sales service is also very good.


Most manufacturers provide proofing services. After knowing the price of the handheld laser welding machine, buyers bring their own samples to the manufacturer’s site for proofing if it is not far from the place, otherwise they can delivery materials for proofing since it is convenient to delivery parcels currently.


Handheld laser welding is more expensive than argon arc welding, but considering its advantages such as faster welding speed, more beautiful and firm welds, lower labor input, and higher technological content, then the higher price is reasonable. Naturally, more discounts buyers will get when they buy more products. If people need more than one, they can require the wholesale price of the handheld laser welding machine to manufacturers.

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