According to hardware parts manufacturers, the process of improving the socialist market economy system is a process of rapid circulation. If you don’t understand circulation, you won’t understand the socialist market economy. Modern circulation is an important factor in improving the speed, quality and efficiency of economic operation. Therefore, in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the hardware manufacturing industry and accelerate the development of the mold hardware industry, several aspects must be done first.

We must do a good job in the modern service industry of the hardware processing mold industry, develop large-scale commerce, form a large-circulation and open circulation pattern, establish an efficient circulation platform, and completely change the current situation of small, scattered, and weak hardware circulation platforms; we must do a good job in the industry In each link of the development process, through the agglomeration of the hardware industry in the province, a large hardware industry cluster will be formed, the industrial chain will be lengthened, and a production pattern with interlocking and complementary advantages will be formed, and the overall competitiveness of the hardware industry will be enhanced;

Hardware parts processing manufacturers stated that it is necessary to promote the technological innovation and brand building of hardware production enterprises; it is necessary to accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade and the integration of trade and industry, and promote the adjustment of economic structure and the transformation of economic growth mode; it is necessary to open up markets and expand Consumption is the main line, making full use of e-commerce and network service platforms to promote the construction of a hardware market system, a modern hardware logistics system, a hardware market monitoring system, and a hardware commercial credit system, so as to realize the modernization of the hardware industry as soon as possible;

We must do a good job of communication and cooperation in the industry to realize resource sharing. The hardware enterprises and hardware parts processing manufacturers in the province should be soberly aware of the various intricate problems that arise in the development process. We must gather everyone’s wisdom and strength. , Use collective resources, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, strengthen cooperation, promote multi-directional communication inside and outside the industry, promote prosperity together, form an overall effect of the industry, actively respond to possible international trade barriers, and actively respond to severe challenges in the international market.