The processing technology of fine stamping parts is widely used in hardware processing plants. The factors that affect the processing procedures of fine stamping parts are as follows:

  • 1. Information, shape, scale, scale accuracy, surface roughness, azimuth accuracy, etc. of fine stamping parts.
  • 2. Production scale: single piece, small batch, large batch.
  • 3. Machine tools: performance, precision, quantity.
  • 4. Operator: technical level and quantity.
  • 5. Connection with the next process on a non-CNC milling machine.
  • 6. The rough condition of the parts.

The processing of fine stamping parts generally draws up process regulations, which have the following effects:

  • 1. The processing technology of the parts is the basis for the production preparation. For example, the supply of original materials and blanks, the preparation of process equipment, the preparation of production plans, etc.
  • 2. Parts processing technology is a guiding document for organizing production. The preparation of production plans, the operation of workers, and the inspection of quality are all based on craftsmanship. Production in accordance with the process is conducive to stabilizing the production order, ensuring product quality, and achieving a higher yield and better economy.
  • 3. Facilitate the experience of stacking, as a reference for future design of similar parts processing plants, improve the power of the proposed process, and improve the technical level of the process.

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