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Power supply component failures are perhaps the most common malfunctions affecting electronic devices. This is due to several reasons.

First of all, the systems supplying current to the rest of the circuit are directly exposed to all kinds of input interferencesvoltage surges, power shortage, etc. Another reason is the use of poor quality components in stabilizers and converters – especially electrolytic Capacitors that are prone to the degradation process. The third reason is the lack of appropriate safety devices that could protect the components of the power unit from malfunction .

Overheating, overload, and especially a short-circuit can be “lethal” for an overly simplified system. Unfortunately, the consequence of a power supply or converter malfunction leads to an adverse increase of voltage in the power supply circuit – in other words, one failure causes a chain of reaction and damage to not one, but several elements of the device. Such situations not only frustrate consumers but also cause losses brought by outages in industrial conditions – they increase repair costs and hinder the maintenance of machines and devices operating in complex automation systems, too.

Therefore, additional attention is required when selecting the power supply elements. Not only do they have to match the circuit parameters (with reasonable tolerance), but also need to be characterized with high quality and durability. That is why at TME we offer a wide range of good quality power supplies, power sources, as well as smaller components, such as AC/DC converters. In the latter group, today we would like to introduce our customers to the AMEL series from AIMTEC.

AMEL3 – AMEL30 series converters

The AMEL3 to AMEL30 series are a group of compact AC/DC converters. They are designed to be powered directly from the power grid (from 85V to 305V AC), although they can also be used with direct current (100-430V DC). These components are enclosed in housings intended for through-hole mounting (THT). All products from this group have three basic safety devices: overload, short-circuit protection, and the safety system preventing excessively high voltage at the output.

The components also feature OCP (over current protection), i.e. they limit the output current. In other words, even if the system itself fails, the powered circuit will be protected. It should be emphasized here that the manufacturer estimates MTBF (mean time between failures) at 3,200,000 hours – which proves the exceptional durability of the AMEL series elements.

Comparison of the series

The table below shows the basic, nominal parameters of each series. The products are categorized according to the output power that they can supply. Without electric load, most AMEL converters consume less than 100mW.

Series Weight Power Output voltage Output current Efficiency
AMEL3 ca. 18g 3W from 3.3V to 24V DC from 0.125A to 0.9A up to 79%
AMEL5 18g 5W from 3.3V to 24V DC from 0.208A to 1.515A up to 81.5%
AMEL10 34g 8.6W or 10W from 3.3V to 24V DC from 0.41A to 2.6A up to 85%
AMEL15 48g 13.2W or 15W from 3.3V to 24V DC from 0.625A to 4A up to 87%
AMEL20 55g 15W or 20W from 3.3V to 24V DC from 0.83A to 4.5A up to 86%
AMEL30 100g 20W or 30W from 3.3V to 48V DC from 0.63A to 6A up to 90%

Characteristics of the AMEL converters

AIMTEC makes sure that its products meet the requirements set by a number of standards – thanks to which AMEL converters can be used in a wide range of applications. These standards include IEC62368, EN/UL62368-1 and EN60335, which, among others, define standards of power supply systems for RTV and household appliances, as well as IEC/EN60601 (medical equipment) and IEC/EN61558-2-16 (elements of switched-mode power supplies with an output voltage of up to 100V).

AMEL10 converter that guarantees insulation at the level of 4000kV.

The output voltage of all series is stabilized and the maximum amplitude of the output disturbances does not exceed 100mV, while the nominal voltage of the converters is maintained with an accuracy of +/-2%.

Most of the presented products can work at temperatures ranging from -40°C up to 85°C, so they can be used in industrial conditions and outdoor devices, too, e.g. in energy, telecommunication or measuring devices.

Sponsored Content – Universal and compact AC/DC converters from AIMTEC

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