TSMC announced today that it will increase its full-year capital expenditure from $11 billion to $14 billion to $15 billion, an increase of about 40%, hoping to further increase 7nm and 5nm production capacity.

In this field, the only one that can compete with TSMC is Samsung, but Samsung’s problem is that progress is slow. Now Samsung is ruthless. It is rumored that it has ordered 15 EUV lithography machines, worth 3 trillion won, or about 18.1 billion yuan. .

EUV lithography machine is an important equipment for 7nm and later nodes. At present, only the Dutch company ASML can supply it. Yesterday, the company released its Q3 quarterly financial report and delivered 7 EUV lithography machines. 23 units, creating a historical record. Obviously, Samsung’s order has contributed greatly.

Samsung’s 15 EUV lithography machines have a very large order volume. You must know that ASML only ships about 30 EUV lithography machines a year, and it looks like 7-8 units per quarter, so Samsung’s orders can also account for ASML’s annual sales. Half of the shipments—;—; Fortunately, this batch of orders is delivered in three years, about 10 units per year.

The total value of the 15 lithography machines is about 18.1 billion yuan, which is equivalent to 1.2 billion yuan per machine. This price is about 1/3 higher than the average unit price of the current EUV lithography machine NEX: 3400B/3400C. Not sure about Samsung Whether other services are attached, there is another possibility that the EUV lithography machine ordered by Samsung includes future models, so the unit price will be higher.

In June 2018, Samsung announced the mass production of the 7nm EUV process, but in fact there is no mass production. The EUV production line in Hwaseong, South Korea is still under construction. It is expected that the real mass production will take place in 2020. In addition to its own Exynos chips, there are NVIDIA and IBM.

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