Mouser Electronics and ROHM semiconductor have released a new eBook focusing on high-efficiency components and technologies for low-power solutions for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new eBook, Light Up Your Industrial IoT Design, features a series of insightful articles written by industry experts from ROHM and Mouser on topics including power saving, Wi-Fi -SUN wireless communication module and industrial IoT LED.

ROHM and Mouser Announce New Ebook on Efficient Power Conversion in the Industrial Internet of Things

While IoT solutions have the potential to improve productivity and safety across numerous industries, their deployment can sometimes be limited by inefficiencies in power conversion and utilization. This new eBook from Mouser and ROHM provides valuable insights into how to overcome these challenges and deploy new IIoT solutions with efficient power management components. The paper also describes the use of ROHM components for power and optimization, and how IoT solutions can drive improvements in key processes in the manufacturing and logistics industries.

In addition to trend-setting articles, the Light Up Your Industrial IoT Design e-book provides information and links to 10 ROHM products including the BD71631QWZ linear charger. The BD71631QWZ integrates a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor input to allow the charging process to comply with temperature requirements and can be used to efficiently charge low voltage and single-cell Li-Ion batteries. The BP35C5 ultra-compact Wi-SUN FAN certified wireless module enables designers to build mesh networks of up to 1000 units, enabling secure communications for smart cities and other large-scale applications without complex controls.

The ROHM Semiconductor product line distributed by Mouser includes MOSFETs, power management ICs, IGBTs, LED drivers and a range of other tools for reliable electrification and connectivity. For more details, please visit

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