Application of electronic control device Electronic control device is very critical for the precise control of diesel engine performance and diesel engine vehicles meet the very low emission requirements. A typical ECM (Electronic Control Module) can process thousands of input information, output commands or fault information, and can continuously sort and judge these information parameters. In addition, today’s electronic control system should be adapted to operators, vehicles and maintenance personnel to optimize the entire operation process. For example, the system can provide users with travel information including kilometers, fuel, lubricant conditions, etc., so as to better use the vehicle or evaluate the performance of the vehicle; through electronic diagnostic tools, the factory can easily obtain all the engine information, and take Effective measures to improve vehicle conditions.

The electronic control system can better manage the lubricating oil used. The Cummin.sCentinel system does not require continuous consumption of engine oil through the fuel system to replace it. The system processing program is controlled by the ECM to determine the diesel injection rate, and can warn the operator when the engine is abnormally started or working. In the near future, the lubricating oil level sensor will be used to warn the lack of lubricating oil level and change the operator’s traditional refueling method; when different fuels are used, the fuel viscosity and density sensor will automatically correct the fuel injection rate; The car lubricant change indicator will provide information on critical conditions during the lubricant change period.

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