Shenzhen Tianlangxin semiconductor Co., Ltd. recently announced that it has received tens of millions of RMB in Series A financing. This round of financing was led by Qingdao Dayou Capital, followed by Chuangxiang Investment. The funds will be mainly used for wafer procurement, product production, expansion of the R&D team and marketing.

Sirius Core is a Fabless (fabless chip designer) startup company focusing on high-performance domestic power semiconductor chips. Its main products are wide-bandgap power devices based on the third-generation semiconductor materials GaN (gallium nitride) series and SiC (silicon carbide) series, as well as IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), which can be widely used in industrial, 4C (communication, Computers, consumer electronics, automotive electronics), aerospace, defense and military industries and other traditional industries, as well as strategic emerging industries such as rail transit, new energy, smart grids, and new energy vehicles.

For the GaN field, Sirius Core has completed the research and development of power devices for 650V (45W, 60W, 90W, 120W) power adapters, and will continue to expand the development of 650V (150W, 200W) in the future, as well as the development of fully integrated GaN solutions. R&D. For the SiC field, Sirius can currently provide MOS and diode products for high power density scenarios, such as new energy vehicles, charging piles, and has completed the research and development of 650V/1200V SiC diodes and 1200V SiC planar MOS tubes.

In terms of power device products based on the first-generation silicon-based semiconductors, the MOS tubes and IGBT modules produced by Sirius Core have been mass-produced in cooperation with wafer fabs: for consumer electronics scenarios, the company mainly produces 20V~150V MOS tubes. ; For application scenarios such as rail transit and new energy vehicles in the industrial field, the company’s IGBT modules can cover voltage products from 650 volts to 6500 volts.

According to reports, members of the company’s core R&D team have worked in core semiconductor companies such as TSMC, Broadcom, MediaTek, and Intel, and all have rich experience. The founder and CEO Zeng Jianzhong worked in Broadcom in the United States. He was the head of the 55nm-16FF process in TSMC’s single-person 0.13BCD and the head of the technical team at Huawei’s 2012 laboratory. He has dozens of global technology patents.

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