The hole machining cycle command is a modal command. Once a certain hole machining cycle command for precision CNC machining is valid, the hole machining cycle command is used for hole machining at all subsequent positions until the hole machining cycle is cancelled with G80. When the hole machining cycle command is valid, the movement mode in the XY plane is rapid movement (G00). The hole machining cycle generally consists of the following 6 actions.
1) A→B tool is quickly positioned to the starting point B (X, Y) of the hole machining cycle;
2) B→R tool moves quickly to the reference plane R along the Z direction;
3) R→E hole machining process (such as drilling, boring, tapping, etc.);
4) Point E, hole bottom action (such as feed pause, spindle stop, spindle stop, tool offset, etc.);
5) E→R tool quickly retracts to the reference plane R;
6) The R→B tool quickly retracts to the initial plane B.

Use a CNC machining center multimeter to measure whether the main circuit transistor module is short-circuited. Replace the transistor module by yourself. If there is no short-circuit, exchange the control board with other axes. If it is transferred with the control board, repair the control board.
If the CNC machining center alarms at high speed and the low speed is normal, it may be a problem with the control board or motor, which can also be judged by exchanging the servo unit.
Observe whether it is always alarming or occasionally. If it is always alarming, the unit or control board is faulty, otherwise it may be the motor.