Non-standard hardware parts processing are widely used in various fields of our lives, including some electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials and so on. The stamping parts we usually refer to generally refer to cold stamping parts. For example, if you want to turn an iron plate into a fast food plate, you must first design a set of molds. The working surface of the mold is the shape of the plate. Press the iron plate with a mold and it becomes the plate you want. This is cold stamping, which is to directly stamp the metal material with the mold.

With the development of numerical control technology, servo technology, moving components, and the needs of market economy, the rapid prototyping technology of CNC unit stamping die has been developed rapidly. For small and medium-sized traditional enterprises, this high-tech combined with traditional manufacturing technology is undoubtedly an investment-saving, fast-effective, convenient and fast technology. With the continuous development of economy and science and technology, the realization of automatic loading and unloading equipment and external mold library automatic mold changing equipment have been placed in front of people. It can be seen that the development of CNC stamping is based on the development of related technologies and new structures. The rapid prototyping technology of unit stamping die is undoubtedly a new starting point for the development of advanced stamping technology.