Indian textile and apparel orders have been transferred to China, are you ready for fabric laser Cutting Machine?

The COVID-2019 in India has affected the recovery of the Indian economy. According to reports,  "a large number of Indian textile orders have been transferred to China.. It is said that it has been scheduled to next May." Such a piece of news has revived the domestic clothing industry that had been cold due to the epidemic. Facing the ensuing influx of orders, as a textile and garment manufacturer, are you ready for the fabric laser cutting machine?


Cutting is an important part of garment processing. In terms of processing efficiency and processing quality of textiles and garments, the fabric laser cutting machine has more advanced cutting technology and production lines. The traditional knife-die cutting process is complicated, the labor cost is high, and there are inevitably low processing accuracy, easy to fall off the line and other phenomena, while the laser cutting process can easily deal with it, with its high precision, no contact, smooth cut. The advantages of no roughness, ability to cut arbitrary complex shapes, and omit the hemming process, give more possibilities for textile and garment processing.


Leather laser cutting machine

Among the many fabric laser cutting machines with different functions and characteristics, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine is an artifact in the cutting of textiles and garments. Aiming at the cutting of fabrics, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine can make the edges of the fabric smooth and free of thread when cutting. At the same time, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine can realize double-head asynchronous multi-layer cutting of graphics in different parts, different sizes and irregularities of various garment fabrics in the same frame.


The automatic feeding laser cutting machine can cut various flexible fabrics such as leather, cotton, linen, polyester, nylon and non-woven fabrics. At present, the epidemic has affected production and the number of orders has increased. The automatic feeding laser cutting machine can quickly respond to production and solve the urgent needs of production.

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