This year, the design of children’s robots with screens will become the mainstream. For product designers, the more vague and abstract the appearance, the more they can use their imagination. If it is a fixed appearance, the challenge will be greater.

With the close cooperation between the design company and the mold factory, the landing of robot products has become more reliable. In the design of the robot head, because aesthetic factors must be taken into consideration, the final appearance of the robot cannot give people a strange appearance, which is a test of the design experience of the appearance designer. Secondly, it is necessary to abstract the cartoon or animal image by the designer’s good aesthetic skills, and then consider a reasonable way of using humans and machines to combine the two.

The other is structural design. Although we can imitate very well in appearance design, we are faced with great difficulty in structural design. Therefore, such problems lead to a sense of contradiction in the imitated robot products.

A good design product must be a product of product appearance + usage scenarios + product functions, which are closely integrated. Therefore, a good product appearance itself is highly recognizable.

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