Vishay Intertechnology has released the industry’s first high voltage chip divider in a ribbed moulded package with compliant surface-mount leads. Created to decrease component counts and improve TC tracking performance and ratio stability in automotive and industrial equipment, the Vishay Techno CDMM provides a maximum working voltage of 1500V in the 4527 case size.

Comprising two resistors combined into one moulded package, the chip divider offers a single-component replacement for multiple discrete resistors employed in voltage divider applications. The space-saving AEC-Q200 qualified device is optimised for high power DC-DC converters and inverters in electric automobiles and heavy industrial equipment and buses.

The device provides a wide resistance range from 500kOhm to 50MOhm, with maximum resistance ratios to 500:1 and tolerances down to ±0.5%. Sulfur-resistant, RoHS-compliant, and halogen-free, the chip divider provides a temperature coefficient of ±100ppm/C (not in the datasheet) and TCR tracking as low as ±10ppm/C. Compliant with IEC 60664-1, the device provides a 12.5mm creepage distance and is rated at 1250V.