On November 17th, the 2021 Wuhan Science and Technology Achievement Transformation and Matching Activity Artificial Intelligence Special Session was held in Hongshan District. 24 artificial intelligence scientific and technological achievements from colleges and universities were successfully connected with enterprises, with a total contract value of 230 million yuan.

Relying on intelligent control, computer vision, human-computer interaction and other technologies, the lift-type parking robot developed has broken through the problem of specifying orientation of vehicles in traditional three-dimensional parking garages; it adopts innovative array sensing technology and high-power signal transmission technology to try to solve extreme problems. In the environment, the routing detection problem of buried pipelines…

Yan Xinping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering who has made outstanding contributions to the development of my country’s waterway traffic safety technology system, gave a keynote speech on promoting the intelligent transportation industry. At the same time, Wuhan’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Innovation Special Project was released, Wuhan’s major science and technology special “stuck neck” technical research project “Key Technologies for Design of Vehicle-level High-performance Autonomous Driving Chips” was unveiled, and Hongshan District’s “Environmental University of Science and Technology Innovation Block·Science and Technology” was announced. “Intelligent Valley Planning” was released.

Located along the Nanhu Campus and Jianhu Campus of Wuhan University of Technology, the Innovation District of the University of Science and Technology consists of the “three horizontals” of Xiongchu Avenue, Wenhui Street and Wenzhi Street, and the “three verticals” of Liuyuan Road, Gongda Road and Shucheng Road. The planned total length is about 2.5 kilometers, and the radiation area is 5 square kilometers. Focus on building “one axis, three parks and four functional areas”, “one axis” is the innovation core axis connected by Liuyuan Road, Shucheng Road, Gongda Road; “three parks” are the main source of innovation, Wuhan University of Technology campus, industry The agglomeration carrier Beigang Industrial Park, human and ecological resources Nanhu Xingfu Bay Park; the four functional areas are the innovation research and development office area, the innovation technology service area, the innovation function supporting area, and the innovation and entrepreneurship activity area. Demonstration highlands, university scientific and technological achievements transformation highlands, and innovative ecological highlands of diverse symbiosis provide best practice models for high-quality regional development. It is estimated that in 5 years, various innovation carriers will be built in the block with an area of ​​700,000 square meters, 1,000 entrepreneurial projects will be incubated, and 3,000 market players will be cultivated.

In recent years, Hongshan District has made great efforts to drive the “first move” with scientific and technological innovation, unswervingly implemented the “University +” development strategy, and signed more than 100 cooperation agreements with universities in the area, and 26 key cooperation projects have been solidly promoted. “Hongshan + University” “The development community and the interest community are closer. Join hands with Huazhong Agricultural University to build Hubei Hongshan Laboratory, striving to become a national laboratory, and enhance Hongshan’s role as an engine in the biological seed industry chain, plan from a high starting point and advance from a high position, serve the national food security strategy, and grasp the Hongshan experiment The forward-looking positioning of “China Seed Core” in the laboratory will focus on promoting the construction of “China Seed Capital” in Wuhan; the first provincial-level “5G+Industrial Internet” integrated application pilot area in Hubei Province has been successfully established, providing experience for the development of 5G+Industrial Internet in China; Huan University The construction of the innovative economic belt has made multiple breakthroughs and comprehensively advanced.

In the future, Hongshan District will closely focus on the general goal of building a high-quality university city and a core power area for high-quality innovation and development, fully stimulate the innovation source capabilities of universities and research institutes, continuously strengthen the main role of enterprises in innovation, and accelerate the layout and construction of high-tech enterprises. A horizontal science and technology park, making every effort to create a tropical rainforest-style innovation ecology. Vigorously support the transformation of scientific research achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in universities and scientific research institutes, accurately connect the artificial intelligence application market, accelerate the breakthrough of a number of key core technologies, promote the integrated development of “government-industry-university-research-funding use”, and highlight the orientation of “high-end, high-end and lack”, Create a high-level gathering place for first-class innovative talents in China, constantly highlight “new tricks” and “practical tricks”, and open up the “first mile” and “last mile” of scientific and technological innovation.

It is understood that, as a “city of universities”, the number of universities and college students in Hongshan District accounts for about half of Wuhan, and the advantages of scientific and educational resources and talents are accelerating the “transfer” of productive forces. So far, there have been 134 technological innovation platforms in the region, and the total number of high-end enterprises is expected to exceed 800 this year, more than 300 gazelle enterprises have been cultivated, 4 national-level manufacturing single champion enterprises, and 2 national “specialized, special and new” small giant enterprises. Rongchuang Zhigu was selected as one of the first batch of innovative valley plans in Wuhan, attracting 473 enterprises and the annual tax revenue exceeded 160 million yuan.

In recent years, Hongshan District has established the Hongshan District University City Technology Transfer Alliance to guide technology-based enterprises and more than 10 colleges and universities in the area to jointly establish 51 innovation platforms for production, education and research; the introduction of the Hubei technology trading market; the realization of 13 academician and expert projects. There are 23 transfer demonstration institutions, and the technology transaction volume this year has exceeded 8 billion yuan.

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