From green leather trains to high-speed trains, car body materials have also developed from ordinary alloy steel materials to stainless steel and aluminum alloy profiles. The changes in materials have led to the improvement of processing technology, and advanced sheet metal fiber laser Cutting Machine and laser welding technologies have also been introduced. In the production line of railway vehicles.

Fiber laser cutting machineThe production process of the car body is as follows: First, the purchased aluminum alloy raw materials are cut by a fiber optic laser cutting machine according to the size, and then processed and welded into different parts. These parts are combined and finally assembled and welded into a car body. There are about 20%-30% of the special-shaped parts of the steel structure of the locomotive, especially the parts of the locomotive driver’s cab, car body auxiliary equipment, etc., which are more suitable for laser cutting. The fiber laser machine table cutting realizes flexible processing, and the cutting process is easy to realize automatic control, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce manufacturing costs, and improve product quality.

Therefore, laser cutting has replaced traditional processing methods and has become the main method for blanking sheet metal in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry at home and abroad. Fiber laser welding machineFrom iron cars to high-speed trains, the “face value” of trains is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for welding processes are getting higher and higher. Due to the traditional resistance welding process, there will inevitably be a certain convex mark on the surface welding spot, and the tightness of the car body of the spot welding structure is poor, and the car body products of high-speed EMUs cannot be widely used.

Laser welding can be continuous welding and sealing welding. The heat is concentrated and the welding deformation is small. The flatness of the car body is less than 1 mm. The goal of no welding deformation and discoloration on the surface is achieved. The stainless steel car body with beautiful appearance and unpainted can be manufactured. Moreover, through the laser welding process, the static strength and fatigue strength of the vehicle are improved, the weight of the vehicle body is reduced, and the sealing performance is good, and the internal quality and commercial quality of the product are improved.

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