This issue will share with you a 3D Printing mechanical wall clock. As shown in the figure below, this wall clock is shaped like a bird. The reason why it is “fully 3D printed” is because this wall clock has no motors or electronic devices, and all parts are 3D printed.

This species works in a traditional way: a pendulum that swings under gravity. This environmentally friendly clock uses an ingenious mechanical design to convert this oscillating movement into precise clock steps, just like a traditional pendulum clock works. According to the producer, this wall clock requires four non-3D printed elements to help the wall clock function properly. They are: a rope or fishing line as a weight silicone spray or other suitable (non-greasy) lubricants for moving parts Filled with heavy objects, such as rice or sand, if the pressing is not tight enough, you can use glue ” 

Link to this article:Design sharing: 3D printing mechanical wall clock

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