On September 6, Cui Jianyou, general manager of the group, visited Shenhuo Co., Ltd. Yunnan Company and inspected the safety production, operation of intelligent equipment and construction of intelligent chemical plants in each branch. Evaluation. Wang Hongtao, deputy general manager of the group, accompanied him.

For the next step, Cui Jianyou requested:

First, we must continue to do a good job in safety management, strengthen the implementation and study of the new version of the “Safety Production Law,” and resolutely adhere to the bottom line and not touch the red line to ensure the smooth operation of safety production in the next four months.

The second is to continue to strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, strengthen the restriction and supervision of the operation of power, and further enhance the sense of responsibility. With a higher position, greater intensity, and more practical measures, we must continue to manage the party and improve the party The similar supervision system will not stop, and the standardized management of various economic activities will not be weakened.

The third is to strengthen the construction of the talent team. It is necessary to select talents, respect talents, cultivate talents, and manage talents, so as to provide talents with a “stage” to Display their talents. (Du Xiao)

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