Circular interpolation command

Precision CNC machining G02 is clockwise interpolation, G03 is counterclockwise interpolation. In the XY plane, the format is as follows: G02/G03X_Y_I_K_F_ or G02/G 03 X_Y_R_F_, where X and Y are the coordinates of the arc end point, and I and J are The incremental value from the arc starting point to the center of the arc on the X and Y axes, R is the arc radius, F is the feed

Pay attention to the arc cutting, q≤180°, R is a positive value; q>180°, R is a negative value; the designation of I and K can also be designated by R. When both are designated at the same time, the R command takes precedence, and I , K is invalid; R can not do full circle cutting, full circle cutting can only be programmed with I, J, K, because there are countless circles with the same radius after the same point.

For precision CNC machining, when I and K are zero, they can be omitted; regardless of G90 or G91 mode, I, J, and K are programmed according to relative coordinates; during circular interpolation, tool compensation commands G41/G42 cannot be used.

The advantages and disadvantages between G92 and G54~G59

G54~G59 is the coordinate system set before precision CNC machining, and G92 is the coordinate system set in the program. If G54~G59 is used, there is no need to use G92, otherwise G54~G59 will be replaced and should be avoided ,As shown in Table 1.

The difference between G92 and working coordinate system

Note: (1) Once G92 is used to set the coordinate system, using G54~G59 will have no effect, unless the system is restarted after power off, or G92 is then used to set the required new workpiece coordinate system.

If the origin is set at 92, start this program again, and the current position of the machine tool becomes the origin of the new workpiece coordinate, which is prone to accidents. Therefore, I hope readers use it with caution.

On machining centers, tool changes are inevitable. However, the precision CNC processing machine tool has a fixed tool change point when it leaves the factory. If it is not at the tool change position, the tool cannot be changed. Before the tool is changed, the tool compensation and cycle must be cancelled, the spindle stops, and the coolant is turned off. There are many conditions. If you must ensure these conditions before each manual tool change, it is not only easy to make mistakes, but also inefficient.