ByrneBournsWorld-renownedElectronic componentsLeading manufacturing supplier,roll outSRN2012TType Semi-shielded Power Inductor Series. The new inductor adopts a winding structure on the ferrite core, and the operating temperature range is-40to+125 °C, Excellent self-resonant frequency and low DC resistance can provide highSense valuewithQvalue. Coupled with the compact size, this series becomes the radio frequency signal processing, resonance Circuit, decoupling and noise filter and DC power supply of audio headsets, true wireless stereo headsets, cable modems, set-top boxes, hard disk drives, tablet computers and various mobile Electronic devices. The best choice for wire applications.

Bourns’ new high-Q and micro-component-semi-shielded power inductors debut

Bourns® SRN2012T series power inductors

Bourns® The entire series of SRN2012T power inductors are RoHS* compliant and halogen-free products**. Compared with non-shielded product options, applying a magnetic epoxy coating around the inductor winding can not only increase the shielding strength, but also significantly reduce the magnetic field radiation. Because the winding structure provides better performance than ordinary laminated inductors and thin film inductors, these miniature power inductors have lower DC resistance and high Q values ​​of 13 to 15, which can provide high impedance in LC resonant Circuits. And reduce the loss during high frequency operation. Bourns® SRN2012T power inductors also have a high self-resonant frequency, which can achieve low distributed capacitance and maintain consistent inductance characteristics in a broadband operating range. On the whole, Bourns’ new power inductors have a saturation current of up to 1100 mA and a rated current of up to 1300 mA, which can maintain high inductance under larger peak currents and meet the requirements of common DC power line applications.