Aluminium die-cast enclosures are tough, yet easy to machine

Rated to IP54 against dust ingress and water splashes from any angle, they also provide EMC protection.

For easy mounting of PCBs, the side walls have a draft angle of <2°.

Casting is to BS1490, LM2M, construction is lap-joint and finish is natural die-cast. Lids are retained by M3.5 x 12 countersunk screws (Pozidrive No 2) in countersunk holes. “These enclosures are also easy to machine to suit individual applications,” according to the company.

Seven sizes are available, ranging from 188 x 120 x 78mm (model 6357P) to 52.5 x 38 x 27 (11451P).

The products are covered by this BCL data sheet

BCL Enclosures is a North Yorkshire supplier of standard and custom enclosures. It makes its plastic enclosures in the UK, but not the die-cast range. Founded in 1972, it has sold over 25 million enclosures to date.