3-phase SiC power modules are liquid or AlSiC air-cooled

The products including sophisticated gate drivers. “The embedded gate driver solves multiple challenges related to fast-switching SiC transistors: negative drive and active Miller clamping prevent parasitic turn-on, desaturation detection and soft-shut-down react rapidly but safely to short-circuit events, under-voltage lock-out functions on gate driver and dc bus voltages monitor the proper operation of the system,” according to the company (see single phase in above diagram).

3-phase SiC power modules are liquid or AlSiC air-cooled Two 1.2kV modules have pin-fin baseplates for liquid cooling:

  • CXT-PLA3SA12340AA 340A max continuous current, 4.19mΩ on-resistance
    Total switching energy: 7.48mJ ‘on’ and 7.39mJ ‘off’ at 600V 300A
  • CXT-PLA3SA12550AA 550A max continuous current , 2.53mΩ on-resistance
    Total switching energy: 9mJ ‘on’ and 7mJ ‘off’ at 600V 300A

The provided current figures seem to be for Tcase = 25°C operation (Tj 175°C, Vgs 15V). The 550A part, for example, drops to 400A max for Tcase = 90°C in the data sheet.

“Co-design of the power module and the gate driver enables optimising for lowest switching energies by carefully tuning dV/dt and controlling voltage over-shoots inherent to fast switching,” said Cissiod.

Reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) authorises peak currents up to 600A with dc bus voltages up to 880V – allowing use with 800V batteries.

3-phase SiC power modules are liquid or AlSiC air-cooledA 1.2kV air cooled module for aerospace electro-mechanical actuators and power converters:

  • CMT-PLA3SB12340AA 340A max continuous current, 3.25mΩ on-resistance
    Total switching energy: 8.42mJ ‘on’ and 7.05mJ ‘off’ at 600V 300A

Cooling is through the flat AlSiC baseplate and the unit is rated for 175°C junction temperature and 125°C gate driver ambient temperature.

“We initially developed this platform to accelerates SiC-based motor drives development for e-mobility and we are also very pleased to see demand from aerospace customers,” said Cissiod CEO Dave Hutton.

Data sheets can be reached through this product page